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Thank you for your consideration of support as we prepare for another year celebrating America's armed service veterans and those who support them. We are in need of volunteers for our Reunion event in June!

Volunteer Needs For Our Reunion In June...

Auction Event Support: Duties include transport and display of auction items and/or bid spotting during auction. Some physical activities are needed to lift items. We have multiple auctions over the course of our 3 day event. This position includes a high degree of social interactions.

American Veterans Traveling Tribute (AVTT) Volunteers: The Traveling Tribute Wall will be at this years reunion and available for visitors 24/7. We need assistance with helping visitors find names on the wall, and locating names. We will also need help with maintaining the grounds around the wall. We have a number of shifts available at all times of the day and night. No mater what the weather brings us, the wall will be available to visitors around the clock and we must have enough volunteers. Your assistance is greatly needed.


General Labor Support: Duties include set-up and break-down of our main event at the lake. Including lifting, moving and setting up of fencing, awning, and other various items(many of which are heavy) at veterans point. We have a lot of equipment that we need to unload and set up every year before the event. At the end of the event we need help with the break-down of many of the items we set up. We have daytime and some evening shifts available the days leading up to our event and after. We provide a noon time meal for general labor volunteers.

Grounds Control Support: Duties include site maintenance, track pick-up, and parking control. Some physical activities are involved with this position, including some lifting of heavy to medium sized items. This job includes a lot of social interaction with our guests.

Activity Attendant: Duties include assisting guests with various yard and carnival games(and possible tournaments). This is a position with a lower degree of physical lifting. This position involves a lot of interaction with the public.

If you or your group are interested in lending us a hand, please CLICK HERE to contact Paul.

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