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The Kansas Veterans Festival is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization.

The staff is 100% all volunteer.  The Board of Directors consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms, Public Relations Director, & Past President (previous).  The remaining staff consists of a combination of both Veterans and Non-Veterans.  Many staff positions are committee chair positions and are appointed annually by the President.  Some of those are The Veteran Coalition, Vendors, Medical, Entertainment and the Kids Tent

We meet monthly on the 3rd Sunday of each month. Many meetings are held at the El Dorado VFW or other locations such as Veterans Point, El Dorado Lake and as the event gets closer, the staff will meet twice per month.

KVF also hosts other events on occasion and participates in community volunteer and service work.

KVF operates on an annual budget and when there are opportunities, we will donate to other Veteran Organizations.

The Kansas Veterans Festival will work for the betterment of all Veterans; provide service to all Veterans; serve our community, state and nation; promote & coordinate the annual Kansas Veterans Festival at El Dorado Lake.


It all began as just an idea in order for Vietnam Veterans to come together.  The hope was for them to re-connect with those they have served with and to meet other Vietnam Veterans.  The goal was to help each other and to get help for those in need.  Five Vietnam Veterans who had met each other during counseling sessions, began planning an event, which they thought may never happen. IT TOOK FIVE YEARS!

So immediately following that 1st Reunion, several Veterans that were in attendance, formed a staff and the planning began for 1989.  From 1988 to 1991, the Kansas Vietnam Veterans Reunion was held at a point on El Dorado Lake which would eventually become "Veterans Point," where the Reunion continues to be held to this day (except for 1 year it was held on Bluestem Point). More and more Vietnam Veterans started to attend and for some, so did their families.

On the 3rd weekend in July, 1988, The Kansas Vietnam Veterans Reunion happened.  “They had a great time.  Many slept on the hoods of their cars or just on the ground. There were bands and it was a great time.”  Many of the Vietnam Veterans felt at-ease and a huge burden was lifted.  There were others like themselves.  Some reunited with Brothers they served with and all of them found new Brothers.

The staff took notice that many Vietnam Veterans had their families with them, including kids.


In 1992, the Kansas Vietnam Veterans Reunion became the Kansas Vietnam Veterans Family Reunion.  Henry McVay started the kids tent, which has many activities for kids every year since. 

In 2023 we announced a new name, to help us reach members of the public. 2024 will mark the start of us being known as the Kansas Veterans Festival.

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